Are you experiencing a challenging transition?

Are you rethinking your career path or looking to re-craft your current role?

Do you feel uncertain how to make changes that provide greater meaning and joy in your life?

Are you pursuing a significant goal?

I can help you explore what is meaningful, clarify your goals, identify your strengths & resources, develop a plan to reach your goals, navigate challenges & build confidence and hope. Let’s get started!

Life, Career & Family Coaching

Coaching is a chance to step back from your life, assess how things are going and make changes that are important to you. When you partner with me, we use research-based processes and tools to guide this change. Learn More.

Personal Renewal Groups

Join a coaching group for mothers that explores self-care, balance and creation of a meaningful life in a nurturing, empowering environment. Learn More.

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“Dianna’s coaching has helped me become who I am today as a mom and a human in this world. She has a long history of caring for humanity, as a school psychologist caring for our children, a mom caring for her children & their friends, and a facilitator for Personal Renewal Groups caring for all of us. If you’re thinking about it, do it. Knowing that self care is important is a whole different thing than understanding it deeply, and prioritizing it for yourself & your family each day.”

June L.

“Dianna is an incredible coach and group facilitator! I signed up for one of her personal renewal groups for mothers back in 2017, and loved the experience so much that that I re-enroll every time she offers her program. I love her warm, empathetic, reassuring coaching style, as well as the fun and inviting atmosphere she creates for her group members. Dianna’s guidance & exercises have helped me create a family life that feels energizing, hopeful, and fun. I would highly recommend Dianna’s coaching services to frazzled moms looking for support, connection, and guidance on how to make their motherhood journey more meaningful and enjoyable.”

Monica R.

“Dianna’s coaching helped me see a long time project, my video e-course, through to completion. Our meetings left me inspired to take the next steps and clearly define my purpose. The guidance and accountability offered through her coaching sessions allowed me to pull my future goal into the present. I found communication with Dianna to flow easily and I always gained something unexpected. In the end, my e-course is superior to what I originally conceived.”

Rachel D.

“After a coaching session with Dianna I always felt more focused and clear about the next steps I needed to take to reach my goals, and more motivated to keep going. She has a gentle manner, sharing her insights and asking guiding questions where needed, and at the same time letting me discover myself through the coaching process. Dianna’s warmth, confidence and professionalism are the perfect ingredients to help any client clarify and work towards their highest aspirations, no matter who they are or what they are trying to achieve.”

Ellen G

Dianna Collier

Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Personal Renewal Group Facilitator & Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

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