About Dianna Collier, M.A.

Life Coach in Austin Texas, Dianna Collier

How I Can Help You — An Interview

I’m a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Personal Renewal Group Facilitator, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, and Course Facilitator with Wholebeing Institute.

My Journey to Becoming a Positive Psychology Coach

After graduate school, I worked as a school psychologist in elementary and middle schools for 5 years.

I fiercely believed in supporting and advocating for the needs of the students on my caseload. I worked long hours, slept poorly, and frequently thought about my students after I left work. I burned out.

I chose to leave my job and start a family with my husband.

Two years later, I had two beautiful daughters and felt overwhelmed again. As a stay-at-home mom, I worked long hours, slept poorly, and constantly thought about my children’s needs.

I burned out again, but I couldn’t walk away from my children like I walked away from my job. I had to learn to take care of my needs while caring for my children.

I did not figure out how to practice self-care immediately.

I had to give myself the space and time to breathe, look inward, and touch base with my inner voice. I connected with others seeking more balance and ease in their lives.

I studied positive psychology, the science of flourishing, and applied research-based tools to my own life.

I lead transformative workshops for mothers.

I was inspired to facilitate personal renewal groups for mothers based on “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life” by Renée Trudeau.

I am passionate about teaching mothers about the transformative power of self-care and supporting them as they explore it.

I’ve expanded to helping people from all walks of life — women, men, single people, couples, parents, young adults, careerists, and business owners — to find greater levels of success.

After facilitating groups for a couple years, I decided to pursue certification as a positive psychology coach and support clients as they find greater levels of meaning, success, and happiness in their lives and work. 

I adore this work! I meet with clients and hold groups locally in Austin, TX, and around the world by phone and video.

Let’s find your way forward in an Exploratory Session.

Three Keys to Meaning, Fulfillment, and Happiness

They are (1) nurturing constructive relationships with “the self,” (2) with others, and (3) reaching towards personally meaningful goals.

Quality relationships have a protective factor. They help us weather stresses in our lives. They build emotional health and resilience.

The Harvard study of happiness and studies on loneliness also show that positive bonds with people lead to better physical health and longevity.

A good relationship with yourself — feeling all emotions, practicing self-compassion, and reaching towards positivity — is also beneficial for your body and mind.

From work on myself and with clients, these three will get you through difficult transitions, make positive changes, and keep you motivated along the way.

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Positive Psychology Coach, Dianna Collier

Certified Positive Psychology Coach
Wholebeing Institute is an educational organization focusing on research-based courses that help people live life to its fullest—spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally, and emotionally.

Professional Coach in Austin Texas, Dianna

Professional Coach
Noomii is a professional directory of coaches. I have been a member for many years, serving clients around the world.


Masters of Arts in School Psychology
This training was useful for my work in schools and with families. I have a huge appreciation for the difficulties of parenting and teaching children with diverse needs. As a coach, it’s powerful for creating measurable goals and making behavior changes.

If you’re facing a transition, need to change, and realize more meaning, then request a complimentary Exploratory Session to find your way forward.