What is Coaching?

Coaching is a chance to step back from your life, assess how things are going and make changes that are important to you. When you partner with me, we use research-based processes and tools to guide this change.  


C: Clarify 

First we will create clear, heartfelt, forward looking goals that motivate you toward positive change. 

H: Hope 

We will explore your unique strengths, abilities, experiences, and resources to fuel optimism that change is possible. 

A: Action 

Next, you will activate the change process by taking immediate positive action. Taking immediate steps toward your goal will fuel your optimism as you see yourself making incremental progress toward your goals. 

N: Navigate 

We will create an adaptable, big-picture map of the path to goal achievement. 

G: “Go for it” 

Make fast yet sustainable progress toward your goals! This stage will show you whether you need to make alterations to your “map” as you progress. 

E: Expand 

Once you are making progress, expand those positive changes to other areas of your life. You will see that as you strengthen one area of your life, the others will be built upon as well! 

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